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Joanne S. Nadell is an attorney and business professional who has 28 years of experience successfully building and managing her own law firm. Focused primarily on family law and divorce matters, her relationship and communication skills with clients, colleagues and judges were tested and constantly improved.

The last decade has given rise to her successful and highly respected divorce mediation and collaborative divorce practice. Like any business, Joanne’s law practice thrives on the relationships she sustains with her clients, past and present, as well as her tremendous network of lawyers, accountants, mental health practitioners and other like-minded professionals.

BusinessRelationshipEdge.com provides a forum for Joanne to teach her expertise and share her valuable experience with other business owners and professionals seeking to organize, optimize and expand their business as well as become a more effective and successful negotiator.

Joanne offers a special mix of business smarts and insightful people skills which make her speaking events and consulting programs a unique value- teaching, making you laugh and finding some insight into your leadership style.

Joanne S. Nadell, The Strategic Edge Business Expert, has developed a highly successful protocol and strategies that are tried, tested and proven effective. These strategies will increase your confidence in marketing yourself and dramatically organize and strengthen your mutually beneficial relationships, productivity and profits.
Ms. Nadell has developed and conducts corporate and individual training in the unique and remarkable technique of MINDFUL NEGOTIATIONS(TM).


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